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MTSS/RtI at Picolata Crossing Elementary School

PCE’s MTSS/RtI Vision Statement

At Picolata Crossing Elementary School, we will provide the highest quality instruction, best practices, and interventions that will match the needs of individual students. Our school-wide learning community will utilize progress monitoring data to evaluate outcomes and make data-driven decisions that will provide academic and behavioral support to meet all student’s needs. We will communicate regularly with parents, teachers, and other applicable stakeholders.

RtI Teacher Handbook

RtI Criteria for Picolata Crossing Elementary School

PCE behavior RtI criteria

For Teachers ONLY: PCE’s RtI Referral Packet (1st- 5th Grades)

For Teachers ONLY: PCE’s RtI Referral Packet (Kindergarten)

Behavioral Support Through PBIS : This is an excellent resource that we use often to find research-based behavioral strategies to use with struggling students.