DRA Information and Resources for Teachers

DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) Information and Resources for Teachers

The DRA is utilized at Picolata Crossing as a way to not only determine the reading levels of our students, but also, and more importantly, determine targeted reading instruction for all readers.

Inservice Day Training Presentations on the DRA:

K-2 Developmental Reading Assessment Powerpoint

3-5 Developmental Reading Assessment Powerpoint

  • Teachers in grades K-3 are required to assess their students two times a year (beginning and end) and three times a year (January) for struggling readers.
  • Teachers in grades 4 and 5 are required to assess their bottom quartile students (as determined by FSA and iReady results) three times a year (beginning, middle, and end).

Through the PLC process, we will work with grade level teams to carefully analyze DRA data: draform.

Teams should work together to develop targeted instruction for readers based on their area(s) of weakness. Here are some research-based resources that should be used to develop such instructional plans:

I have Assessed Now What



Essential Reading Strategies for the Struggling Reader