Letter to 8th Grade Parents

8th Grade Parents!

Dear Parents,

I am writing this to help you because you are about to make choices with your child concerning their high school schedules.  There are several choices that will be presented to you and your child will most likely give you their opinion about what they want to do.  It is a good thing that they want to be a part of the decision making but I would like you to consider a few items when you are preparing next year’s schedule.  Please look at my list of concerns and answers to those concerns below.  Please consider what I am suggesting and contact me if you have any more questions.

1.    I don’t want to do band because I don’t want to march!

    A.  Marching is not as hard as it may seem and they tend to not want to march because they feel that they can not march and play at the same time.  Also, they are generally scared that they will be laughed at.  Upper classmen will be happy to help them succeed with this skill.

2.    I am tired of playing my instrument and I want to do something else.

    A.     You have been supportive of your child playing in the band for at least 3 years.  Some of you have purchased expensive instruments, paid for private instructions, and made sure they were at all rehearsals and performances.  Your child is required to have an ARTS credit to graduate high school.  They can easily fulfill this credit through band and if YOU insist that they do the first semester of band they will get the credit out of the way and they can also judge, for sure, whether or not they want to continue.  This IS an educated decision that they will be able to make ONLY after they experience it.  Also, if you are interested, Mr. Fowler at Creekside may let you switch to another instrument especially if it is needed for the good of the band!

3.    I am not going to be able to make the summer band camp required by the high school.

    A.    Check with Mr. Fowler, the band director, for more details but in the past he has worked hard with the students to make situations and scheduling work.  Call him and discuss your concerns.

4.    I do not know if band can work into my schedule and I want to do sports.

    A.     Band can work into ALL schedules including ACE and academies.  Remember that they need these credits to graduate.  They also get a PE credit for marching band.  Last year 2 of the members of this band were on the Varisty Football Team!

Band is an environment that will keep your child in a well discipline routine.  They will learn the skills of teamwork.  It is a PROVEN fact that music students have higher test scores and get more scholarships in college.  

Let me know if you have any more questions concerning this decision.  It is an important one but it should be easy to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Don Isabelle