Practice should be done EVERY day to gain the most from your time.  To practice one hour on a Saturday and nothing during the week will not improve your tone.  To practice 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week would be more helpful.  Ideally you should practice 20 – 30 each day OR MORE!  It’s really not a long time if you think about it.

Practicing appropriately is important.  Below you will find a good typical schedule to follow.

Prior to practice:
Pick a place to practice
Set up music stand
Assemble instrument

Start Practice Time:    Start practice time for time sheet.
Play long low tones
(Brass – lip slurs)
Play scales – slowly at first – pick up speed
Ideally – All 7 scales in less than 2 minutes
Practice music
Find problem areas – slow down – replay
– replay – replay
Carefully check key signatures, accidentals,
dynamics, etc.

Stop Practice Time:    Stop practice time for time sheet.
Clean your instrument
Put your practice area back to normal

Practice time should be the time from the START practice time to the STOP practice time.  Set up and clean up should NOT be considered part of the practice time.
Remember, you ONLY get better when you are actively playing.  Assembling your instrument will not improve your playing!

Homework includes the Excellence in Theory workbook.  Assignments will be posted on Schoology