Important Instrument Information

ALL POWER Members-   Music Scale and Rubric  Chords of Just Intonation   Progression Harmony WarmUp   Musical Terms and Definitions   Major Scale Formula Chart   Chordchart  

Trumpet –  TrumpetInt   Trumpet Fingering

Trombone –   TromboneIntonation    Trombone Fingering

Bass –   Stringbass

All Instrumental Members–   Scale Segments   Chordchart   Musical Terms and Definitions     Major Scale Formula Chart

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Saxophones –   SaxIntonation    Sax Fingering

Percussion –   Percussion page 1   Percussion page 2

Oboe –   Oboe Fingering

Clarinet –   ClarinetIntonation   Clarinet Fingering

Bassoon –   Bassoon Fingering

Euphonium/Baritone –   BaritoneIntonation   Baritone TC Fingering   Baritone BC Fingering

French Horn –  Advanced French Horn Fingering   HornIntonation

Flute –   Advanced Flute Fingering   Advanced Flute Fingering