Marching Band

The POWER of Creekside

“Spirit, Pride and Honor”

Marching Band is a part of the band curriculum at Creekside HS. ALL members must participate in marching. We encourage ALL members to bring in a case (or 2) of WATER for games, camps, rehearsals, etc.

2 Saturday Commitments to Marching Band are (attendance is mandatory)

POWER Band Health Form

 Marching Band rehearses TUESDAY evenings 6:00pm-8:00pm and THURSDAY afternoon from 4-5:30pm during marching season. (Aug. 14th to Oct. 25th)


Smartphone/Tablet or 3 Ring binder for Drill

Drill Sheets (if no smartphone capability)

Marching/Stand Music in 3 Ring Binder!



Warm Up

**Anything else your SECTION LEADER needs you to have**

FAIR SHARE – the amount all students pay (in 3 payments). Information on the exact breakdown of this will be available at Parent Meeting on THURSDAY August 9th at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. Includes: (but not limited to) transportation, music, clinicians, staff, t-shirts, professional development, banquet, professional fees, registration forms and more!

$350.00 – ALL MEMBERS – the increase is due to NOT having a fundraiser in the fall for band. ALL fundraisers will be for individual fair share as well as trip payments. Remember, the Rehearsathon Sponsorship is a great opportunity to earn some money from family, friends, neighbors and far away grandparents or other family members. ($150 on Aug. 11th, $125 on Oct. 17th and $75 due Jan. 19th)

+ $25.00 if shoes are needed (we use dinkles – Due upon arrival)

+ $25.00 if polo is needed (ALL members need black band polo – Due upon arrival)

+ $50.00 for percussion fees (due with first fair share payment)

+ $????? if member of indoor guard (these are a bit different depending on indoor season and needs – see Coach for details)

 Full Band Pic