January 6 – 10

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Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This week we discussed being INTENTIONAL while creating individual goals for 2020.  Intentions are displayed on mobiles above each student’s desk as a reminder for the next few weeks.  Ask your child what they came up with!

Going along with being our BEST SELVES, we read the novel “How to be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days” by Stephen Manes.  This book has a GREAT message and we had HILARIOUS results attempting some of the main character’s challenges… including wearing a broccoli necklace for 24 hours straight!

Thank you to Maddy’s dad for being our MYSTERY READER today!  He read the book “HIGH FIVE” by Adam Rubin.  We never knew there were so many COOL versions of this greeting!   Students enjoyed learning about what it is like to be a doctor and work in a hospital.  A lot of new vocab words were introduced today!  We appreciate the surgical bouffants and masks.  Thanks for coming in!

What LEARNING and GROWING went on in room 217 this week:

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ELA:  Class Novel:  How to be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days by Stephen Manes; Author’s Purpose; suffixes -er and -est

Writing:  Non-fiction writing and interviewing partners

Math:  Balanced Equations

Social Studies:  Primary and Secondary Resources

Students of the week:

Phoebe and Declan

Thank you for being respectful and attentive this week!

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Important Dates:

  • 1/20:  MLK – NO SCHOOL
  • 1/24:  Maddox’s Dad – Mystery Reader *Don’t forget to email me your 3 clues!*
  • 1/31:  Teacher Inservice – no school for students

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  • The first semester has come to an end!  One of my goals this next semester will be to prepare your child for THIRD grade.  We’ll be working very hard on student responsibility and independence.  It is always beneficial to the student when we work together as a team.  Please continue to reinforce these behaviors at home.  Thank you for your unconditional support!
  • MOST students have completed the i-Ready Reading test this week.  We will take the STAR reading test next week- this test determines your child’s reading level or ZPD.  Results from i-Ready Reading, Math, and STAR Reading will be sent home once ALL students are finished.  
  • Ready reading passages will continue to get harder as the year progresses.  The entire first semester the passages were read to the students first.  The students will now be expected to read the passage independently and then answer the questions without guidance.  Please continue to remind your child to take their time, go back into the passage to find text evidence, and write using complete sentences.  
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