Marching Band

The POWER of Creekside

“Spirit, Pride and Honor”

Marching Band is part of the band curriculum at Creekside HS. ALL members must participate in marching. We also encourage ALL members to bring in a case (or 2) of WATER to share at games, camps, rehearsals, etc.

2017-2018 Calendar

 Marching Band rehearses TUESDAY evenings 6:00pm-8:00pm and THURSDAY afternoon from 4-5:30pm during marching season. (Aug. 15th to Oct. 26th)


Smartphone/Tablet or 3 Ring binder for Drill

Drill Sheets (if no smartphone capability)

Marching/Stand Music in 3 Ring Binder!



Chorale Warm Up

**Anything else your SECTION LEADER needs you to have**

FAIR SHARE – the amount all students pay (in 3 payments). Information on the exact breakdown of this will be available at Parent Meeting on FRIDAY August 11th at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. Includes: (but not limited to) transportation, music, clinicians, staff, t-shirts, professional development, banquet, professional fees, registration forms and more!

$350.00 – ALL MEMBERS – the increase is due to NOT having a fundraiser in the fall for band. ALL fundraisers will be for individual fair share as well as trip payments. Remember, the Rehearsathon Sponsorship is a great opportunity to earn some money from family, friends, neighbors and far away grandparents or other family members. ($150 on Aug. 19th, $125 on Oct. 17th and $75 due Jan. 19th)

+ $25.00 if shoes are needed (we use dinkles – Due upon arrival)

+ $25.00 if polo is needed (ALL members need black band polo – Due upon arrival)

+ $50.00 for percussion fees (due with first fair share payment)

+ $????? if in guard (these are a bit different depending on indoor season and needs – see Coach for details)

 Full Band Pic