Elementary Music Grades K-5



Elementary Music at FCA
Mrs. Natasha Kohlmann

Elementary students at Freedom Crossing Academy will develop their musicianship by singing with proper technique, moving to the beat, playing instruments in ensemble settings, listening and reacting to quality music, speaking in rhythm, chanting in rhyme, improvising melodies, reading iconic notation, writing musical motives, and creating in-class performances.

An Orff-Schulwerk classroom is full of active music making.  Composer and Educator Carl Orff said, “Elementary music is never music alone, but forms a unity with movement, dance, and speech.  It is music that one makes oneself, in which one takes part not as a listener, but as a participant.”

FCA students will learn how to be “musical”.  Our tools will be our voices, bodies, drums, recorders, and xylophones.  Creativity and musicality will be valued and nurtured.  High quality music will be used, including the classics, folk music, and American music.  Ensemble experiences will build a sense of community and unity.

Recorders will be used in 4th, and 5th grade to practice music literacy skills, musical form, and music vocabulary in context of a song.  Hands on activities will make learning memorable and authentic.  Students will order a recorder at school and instruction will begin in September.



Meet Mrs. Natasha Kohlmann: 
Mrs. Kohlmann graduated from Campbellsville University in Kentucky with a degree in Vocal Music Education.  Growing up she loved to sing, and also played alto saxophone in bands for many years.  She comes to us from Otis Mason Elementary where she was the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, and a top 5 finalist for St Johns County Teacher of the Year. She has twin college students and her husband John works for Publix.  One interesting thing about her family is that they lived overseas for 8 years.


After school performing groups options are Chorus (4th/5th grade), and Orff Ensemble (5th grade only).  Rehearsals will begin as soon as it is deemed safe.

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