HELLO Students and Parents!

Interims have been posted. Students have 4 1/2 more weeks to improve grades if needed. 

-Helpful STUDENT Tips-

Have you checked HAC?

Have you advocated for yourself and talked to your teacher?

Have your turned in any make up or missing work?

Have you completed any re take or at least set up a time for re takes??

What to Do If Your Teen Has Failing Grades in High School


How School Interims Can Help Parents 


FUN AT HOME ACTIVITY: FLIP GRID: “Getting to know you Activity!”


I am sharing my wish list with you on Amazon for gifted resources to use with our students. The items on this list will be used as a part of my instruction of my gifted students. We work on both social/emotional lessons, as well as problem-solving/logic/reasoning activities. Any games, books, or supplies purchased from this list will be used for these purposes. Thank you for your contributions!!





Lastly, for all my high school students please sign up for your gifted consult meeting! This can be done in person or virtually. Please reference my homepage at  For detailed instructions and direct links!

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