A Gifted Parents’ Bill of Rights

A Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children

by Amy Brim


Parents of gifted children have a right to…

  • Patience and understanding on the part of friends, family, and educators with the unique parenting required for raising gifted children
  • Not be accused of bragging when you share your child’s achievements because it doesn’t always come easily, even to the gifted
  • Get support in the educational setting for your child’s needs, even if the child is passing the state tests
  • Have your child’s exceptionalities accurately diagnosed and served
  • Educational and mental health professionals who understand and are effectively trained in giftedness
  • Not be the only person who is determined to make sure your child has the time & materials to explore his or her gifts fully
  • Choose the best educational environment for your child without judgment from others, even if the best environment is home
  • Expect your child to be physically, emotionally, and cognitively safe at school and social situations
  • Allow your child to not always have to be successful
  • Celebrate your child’s gifts without apology, hesitation, or fear
  • Advocate to have curriculum topics and learning tasks adjusted to ensure a challenging learning experience with curriculum compacting
  • Advocate for the school to provide enrichment and extension opportunities driven by student interest and passion.
  • Advocate for the promotion of higher order thinking, problem solving, creativity, and autonomous learning.
  • Advocate for the school to take into account your child’s social, emotional, cultural, and economic background.
  • Support your child in learning with a growth mindset; skills and intellect can be developed through practice, perseverance, and passion.

Advocate that your child needs something different and has the right to learn something new every day!