Algebra Honors

Supplies Needed:

  1. Spiral notebook – Recommended:  Plastic cover, pocket, at least 100 sheets
  2. Pencils and highlighters
  3. Loose leaf notebook paper
  4. Loose leaf graph paper
  5. Colored pencils or markers
  6. Scientific Calculator – Recommended:  TI-30XA (This is the exact model students will use on the EOC.  This link will take you to this model on, but they can be purchased elsewhere.)
  7. INB Supplies – Turn in to teacher:  Scotch tape rolls, glue sticks

Click here for the class info sheet.

Click your class to download the Remind sign up instructions and Class Info Assignmen

Everyday 1 Green 2/3 Green 4/5
Orange 2/3 Orange 4/5 Green 6/7

Go to Schoology. Download notes and assignments, see what we did in class and find out what your homework is. The log in is the same as your Active Directory (HAC) username and password.

Link for the Algebra Textbook.  The log in is the same as your Active Directory (HAC) username and password.

If you need to bring up your grade, you can redo an assignment, complete test corrections or retake a test.

Test Corrections

Materials for your Interactive Math Notebook (in order)

Inside front cover — INB Grading rubric

First page (Author’s page) — Will be completed in class

Left – Class info sheet (syllabus)

Right – Test Corrections & Types of Errors

Left – Mathematician’s Toolbox

Right – Homework Rubric & Password Page

Left – Mathematical Practice Standards

Right – Table of Contents (save two pages — one left, one right)