Math Activities

*Make a picture by gluing household items (pasta, beans, buttons) to a paper, then count how many of each item used

*Take everyone’s meal order and tally up the number of each food or drink item needed

*Play War with a deck of cards and vary the rules: add the two numbers and first person who solves gets the cards

*Cook with an adult and count out scoops of food, measure cups of ingredients, etc.

*Help an adult at the grocery store by keeping track of the budget and calculating costs of items

*Keep track of time by checking the time when beginning an activity, then setting a time limit. Calculate how long of a period of time it will be, then tell everyone when it’s time to stop

*Make your own number line and use it to measure items and furniture around the house

*You and a friend each create your own word problem, then switch and solve each other’s problems