Discipline is communicated from school to parents through the calendar on the left side of your child’s homework folder.¬† I cannot stress the importance of checking your child’s calendar every day.¬†¬† Please initial the calendar each day. ¬†

The goal of my discipline plan is to allow all students to learn and play in a safe, respectful and healthy environment.  Our classroom goals focus on safety and respect for others and their property.  In the classroom, there is a multi-colored system to monitor behavior.

All students begin the day on “green” meaning they are ready to learn.¬† As students¬†make good choices, the move up the chart.¬† Poor choices will cause student to move down the chart.¬† Students who have moved down do have the opportunity to move up.¬† Chart colors are..

Pink-Outstanding        Purple-Great Example      Blue-Good Choices     Green-Ready to Learn                Yellow-Think About It          Orange-Teacher Consequence      Red-Parent Contact

You will be informed of your child’s behavior on the calendar each day.¬† If your child has no problems with…

  • behavior
  • homework
  • schoolwork
  • honesty
  • treatment of others
  • attitude

Please do not allow your child to bring their personal¬†toys to school.¬† We¬† do have classroom toys that are shared with all students.¬†¬†Your child’s personal toys¬†may be broken, lost or misplaced and is¬†difficult to monitor.¬† Personal toys can lead to problems¬†on the bus, within the¬†classroom¬†and around the¬†school.¬† (Any toy you have at home that you are not using anymore would be welcomed as a classroom donation.)

I am always available to meet with parents.  You can reach me by email, phone or schedule a  face-to-face conference.  I will always welcome and appreciate any input from you.  We are a team!!

Together we can work to help your child reach his/her potential.