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Reading Plus

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After School Tutoring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment (can use this time for reading plus if you don’t have computer at home),

Students are assigned reading plus assignments each week.  They are due by Sunday of each week. If they do not complete them at school, then they are expected to complete them at home.  This will be a weekly homework and classwork grade. Use Chrome or Mozilla firefox to login. All students should spend 1-2 hours a week at home on Reading Plus to meet their goal which is a level G for both vocabulary (Read Around) and comprehension (See Reader). Please look at your child’s “dash” to find out how many assignments they have and view their progress. You will be able to see their placement and proficiency levels as well. Please contact me if you have any questions about Reading Plus. STudents can always do extra reading plus assignments to help reach their goal quickly.