December 16-20

I CAN NOT believe that this week coming up will be our last week before Christmas break! We have been is school 78 days, which means this coming Tuesday, we will be half way through the year! 🙁
With that said if there is one thing that I have learned from these great kiddos, it’s that our daily schedule needs to stay as normal as possible to keep them all happy! So, this coming week will be just as full of normal weekly academics as any other week we have had. Friday is our class party, and I know that we are in good hands with our room moms! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to them that this is one thing I don’t need to think about!

Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is for your child to read everyday, they have books on their ipad and if it is reading on the way to the next activity or on the way to and from school, then do it then! Those of you who have asked for books over the break, your child will get those next week, please return them in January.
The homework for this week is a couple of Mental Image activities. The Green Giant poem is for the front Mental Images page. Read the poem several times and discuss with your child the images that they get when they hear the words. Have them create their most vivid mental image. On the back there is another mental image page, and that is for any book they or you read to them during the week, have them draw their mental image.
Creating Mental Images is a comprehension strategy that will help our kids to enhance and better understand the books they are reading. I want them to really think while they are reading or listening.

Here are our Weekly Learnings:

Reading: We are really focusing on creating Mental Images and also continuing to read more gingerbread men books.

Phonics: triple blends (str, spr, spl, scr) They have been doing so great with our blends, we have done several super fun activities, and when you see the word sorts that are coming home, they have to read all of the words they sorted to be finished.
-est word family (nest, best, pest, test, )

Math: We worked on Fact Families this past week where I gave them 3 (part, part, whole) numbers, and they needed to use those 3 numbers to make 2 addition sentences and 2 subtraction sentences. They have done great with this, and next week I have challenge them by giving them the whole number and 1 part, they will need to find the missing part and then create the 4 number sentences.

Writing: We are working on making great middles to our stories. A great middle will use time order words (first, next, then). We ate birthday cake oreo cookies on Friday to remind them that like an oreo cookie, a great story needs a beginning (tip of cookie), middle (the yummy icing), and an end (the bottom cookie). We will continue working on the middle of our stories, trying to add more details.

I look forward to see you all on Friday, they are going to be ready to let loose and party! Have a great weekend!

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