Weekly Learnings December 2-6

I hope you all had an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving! My family spent the day at my brother’s house, we have a traditional “deer hunt” where my sister-n-law hides clothespins with pipecleaner antlers all over her 7 acres, and each family hunts them. the family with the most gets the golden antler trophy to take home until next year. This year my family in Delaware won! My family are all big hunters and when we go to my brothers the guns are out and the heckling begins. 🙂 We also have a family “shoot out”. The old guys vs. the young guys. The young guys won and that trophy is headed to Georgia.

I want to say THANK YOU to all the parents who supported our Feast by sending in their goodies! The kids had a great time, and I love how our classroom is growing into a family! 😉

This Thursday, December 5 is our class’ day to shop at the Book Fair, all parents are welcome to come and hlep your child shop, you can send in money and a list of items that you want them to buy if you are unable to come in. Our Book Fair shopping time is 12:05-12:40. With the new volunteer guidelines, please be sure you are an approved volunteer.

We have 3 weeks with a lot of Learning packed in! This week our Learning Goals are:

Reading- We are working on making text to text connections and really thinking about the texts that we are reading. We know that great readers make connections to themselves and other books.

Phonics – We are focusing on the -ack word family this week so that is where half of the spelling words will come from. We are also going to be working with L consonant clusters (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl) black, blank, closet, close, flower, flip, glow, plant, plot, slip, slop. These are the sounds that we will be learning to read.

Grammar – We will begin learning what a noun is. (person, place, thing)

Writing – We are still working on Narratives, we are learning about the writing process, and how to add or take things away to make our writing even better.

Math – We are working on story problems with missing addends. Mandy had some marbles and then she found 7 more marbles. Now Mandy has 12 marbles in all. How many marbles did Mandy have before she found the 7 more?

Science – SC.1.E.6.3 – Recognize that some things in the world around us happen fast and some happen slowly. (Examples: Fast: volcanic eruptions, flooding, hurricanes. Slow: drought.)

Resource schedule:
Monday- music
Tuesday- none
wednesday- pe
Thursday- Library
Friday- none

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