Weekly Learning Goals November 12

Reading: We are continuing our research on Pilgrims with nonfiction texts. We are learning how to find the answer to our questions, and we are beginning to learn how to read for information. We still have 20 minutes daily to practice our reading. 🙂

Writing: We are learning how to build a story using time order words. For example, a great story needs a Beginning, a middle ( first, next, then, finally) and then an ending. Time order words helps us to sequence our stories correctly.

Math: We are gaining mastery with place value. If you check out your child’s educreations, they have been taking a story problem and expanding the form of tens and ones. This is something that you can do with them at home and have them create their own story problem.

Social Studies: We are comparing what time is like now with what it was like in 1620 when the pilgrims sailed to America.

resource schedule:
wednesday – pe
thursday – library
friday – none

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