November 4-8 The Week Ahead

Reading – We will be blending social studies and reading this month with a 3 week study of pilgrims and what it was like then and now. We will focus on how to read for information and how to go back to the text to find answers to our questions.

Writing – We are still working on writing small moments from our lives. The class is focusing on having a beginning, using time words, and having an ending to their stories all while also trying to remember to use capitol letters and punctuation correctly.

Math – we are focusing on place value, tens and ones.

The Resource schedule this week is in your child’s blue folder as well.
Monday – pe
Tuesday – Library
Wednesday – none
Thursday – art
Friday – music

I’m also trying to keep better track of our behavior with the calendar in your child’s blue folder.

I hope you all have a great week!

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