Weekly Learnings


Good Evening Parents! Being out last week REALLY left me more behind than I like being, but I am catching up because this week is Halloween and before we know it, we will be celebrating the holidays!


My first need is a couple volunteers for tomorrow to bubble in answers on scantron sheets, this is very easy and they are due on Tuesday! HELP! If you can come help, just let me know. THANKS!


Another email will follow regarding our Halloween Learnings and the items and help we will need this Thursday!


REMINDER: Your child will NOT have spelling or sight words this week, but they are still required to read every night, because Readers are Leaders!


This Week’s Learning Goals


Reading – We will be Reading the book Room on the Broom and focusing on retelling. We will also produce a Reader’s Theater using this story, your child will have choose a character on Tuesday, and they will have their lines to practice reading. This is NOT memorization, hence “reader’s theater”. 🙂


Phonics – We are reviewing all short and long vowel sounds this week. We will also be reviewing syllables.


Writing – We will be learning how to write a beginning, use time words, and write an ending for our small moment stories. We will have a Small Moment Rubric that will begin to guide our narrative story writing.


Math – We begin with place value. We will learn how two digit numbers are made of tens and ones.


Science – We are learning about outdoor environments, and how our Earth’s surface is made of water, rocks, soil, and living organisms. we will be taking a in school field trip to do some exploring of the environment around our school. They will have a short homework assignment on Friday to add to our learnings.


I apologize if some have been confused about the timeline project, this was sent home while I was out of town, and it wasn’t until I returned that I realized several of you never received any paperwork on it. Here are the directions for those who missed it. If you are just hearing about the timeline project, read the below directions and it is due when you complete it and send it in! 😉 This week preferably!
Directions for the students:
Think about five important events in your own life you are willing to talk about and share with your classmates.(You can start at birth or any other time in your life.)
The timeline may be created however you want. You can make a visual display (1/2 sheet of poster board is the maximum size if you use paper) or use the timeline sheet( let me know if you need another of these). You could also create your timeline using the Educreations Application on the I-pad.
Include at least 5 important events in chronological order. You may include more than 5 events.
Each event should include a date, short description, and a picture. Pictures may be illustrated or you may use printed photographs. The timelines will be returned home.
Be ready to share your timeline chart with the class on Monday OR when you bring it in this week. 😉


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