April 22nd


IMPORTANT: Next week is a busy week filled with important testing. It has recently been brought to our attention that we MUST complete the i-ready final diagnostic test. This is the big one that counts for student growth in i-ready. They must improve 19 points from the first diagnostic at the beginning of the year to show a years growth. Unfortunately, the window for the reading and math i-ready assessments falls in the same window as FSA math and science testing. Therefore, it’s imperative that all of our students get adequate rest and a healthy breakfast and lunch ALL week. I also recommend limited screen time at home to the increase amount of screen time this week at school. All of their testing this week is on the computer. Thank you for your understanding and maintaining a positive no stress week for your child as they work through a very exhausting, busy week.

*Please note that there will be NO HOMEWORK ALL WEEK due to testing.

The testing schedule for both classes is as follows:

Monday: I-ready reading           9:30 – Troyer          12:00 – Schunk

Tuesday: Science review with Mrs. Troyer (trashketball) and math review with Mrs. Schunk)

Wednesday: I-ready math        9:30 – Schunk          12:00 –  Troyer

Thursday: FSA Math                8:30 – Troyer             11:30 – Schunk

Friday: FSA Math                    8:30 – Schunk             11:30 – Troyer

Monday: Science review

Tuesday: SSA Science          8:30 – ALL

Wednesday: SSA Science     8:30 – ALL

Motivational goodies/snacks: If you would like to send in any snacks for your child’s homeroom on any of these days it would be greatly appreciated. There are 22 students in Mrs. Schunk’s homeroom and 21 students in My homeroom.

Reading/Social Studies: Last week we began our historical fiction novel study on Mr.Tucket. This novel correlates with our final unit in Social Studies: Westward Expansion. Throughout the week, when time allows, I will be reading the novel aloud with class discussions and a packets with questions/vocabulary to complete.

Stay positive and focused as we all get through this busy week together. We can do it! 🙂

Get some rest,

Mrs. Troyer




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