April 8th


Reminder about FSA encouragement due this Friday. I would love to have a letter to give the students the morning of their first test—written by you or other family members. In the past, parents send in letters from themselves, siblings, grandparents, pets, super heroes, etc.—basically a letter of encouragement from anyone! I will leave it up to you on how you would like to format your letters (cards, handwritten letters, and letters with pictures…). Be creative
PLEASE DO NOT TELL YOUR CHILD WE ARE DOING THIS! I want it to be a complete surprise to the whole class to boost their confidence before the test.

Here are the options for sending it in:
 You may put it in a sealed envelope and send it in with your child to me by Friday.
 You may email it to me and I can print it out.
 You may drop it off in the front office to be given to me.

Please try to get them to me BY April 13th

Feel Free to Contact me with any questions!
Thank you for your support!



This week we will continue our review of the many reading skills covered/practiced throughout the year. This will be preparation for the upcoming FSA Reading assessment next Monday and Tuesday.

Homework – Reminder
**For the 4th quarter Book responses are NO LONGER mandatory! However, the 30 book challenge is still effective. Wednesday there will be homework practice pages coming home on identifying text structures, specifically Cause/Effect and problem/solution.
**Please make sure your child is continuing to read nightly. Although they no longer are required to respond to each book it is still very important they continue reading regularly as we gear up for the upcoming FSA.
i-ready – Please remind your child to remain consistent with practice in i-ready at home in order to continue to better themselves at their independent level. Each student should be completing 2 fifteen minute lessons each weeks at home.
** There WILL BE homework for reading sent home on Wednesday.

Updates for your calendar:
4/9 – Reading Vocabulary Study Guide comes home
– Social Studies Vocab Quiz ( see page 195 to study) POST PONED until next week
4/10 – FSA Practice Test
4/11 – FSA practice test check/correct
4/13 – Reading Vocabulary Quiz
4/16 – Computer-based Reading FSA Session one (90 minutes)
4/17 – Computer-based Reading FSA Session two (90 minutes)
Have a great week!
Mrs. Troyer

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