April 1st


I hope you all have had a fantastic spring break. Tomorrow begins our review of the many reading skills covered/practiced throughout the year. This will be preparation for the upcoming FSA Reading assessment. We will begin with wrapping up our Main idea and supporting details focus which will be tested on Friday. For the remainder of the week we will review and practice a different skill each day and continue through next week.

Vocabulary: We will continue studying the word list distributed prior to the break

Homework – Reminder

**For the 4th quarter Book responses are no longer mandatory! However, the 30 book challenge is still effective. Students must continue book responses as normal at their own pace in order to meet the challenge. The students who read and respond to at least 30 books this year will be invited to a fun filled field trip along with lunch and a treat with myself on a different day. 🙂

Wednesday there will be homework practice pages coming home on identifying text structures, specifically Cause/Effect and problem/solution.

i-ready – Please remind your child to remain consistent with practice in i-ready at home in order to continue to better themselves at their independent level. Each student should be completing 2 fifteen minute lessons each weeks at home.

Updates for your calendar:

4/3 – Spring Break practice packet is Due

4/6 – Reading vocabulary quiz (words distributed prior to spring break)

– Main Idea/Supporting Details test

4/9 – Reading Vocabulary Study Guide comes home

– Social Studies Vocab Quiz ( see page 195 to study)

4/10 – FSA Practice Test

4/11 – FSA practice test check/correct

4/13 – Reading Vocabulary Quiz

4/16 – Computer-based Reading FSA Session one (90 minutes)

4/17 – Computer-based Reading FSA Session two (90 minutes)

I look forward to a great week!🙂

Mrs. Troyer

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