A few important reminders for tomorrow and Spring Break:

  • SPMS forms are due tomorrow
  • All students must wear their 5th grade teal t-shirt tomorrow for the i-max field trip
  • All students should bring a COMPLETELY disposable lunch tomorrow for the field trip
  • Today, I made sure that ALL students have the following in order to practice/study over Spring Break
    • Social Studies book to study the vocabulary words for unit 6 on page 194
    • Reading Vocabulary Study guide behind their ELA tab.
    • A Spring Break packet to review/practice previously covered skills behind their ELA tab
  • Today we completed the computer-based FSA practice test. This was not scored. It was simply for the students to learn the tools and how to navigate the program for the FSA. Please take some time to visit click on practice tests and then click on take the computer-based practice test. There is an answer icon to click on as well to check their work. Ask your child to share with you what they learned about the tools and question types today. Thank you for your continued involvement in preparing your child for the upcoming test.
  • Please let me know if you are an approved volunteer and would like to join us on the SeaWorld Field trip. The cost is $80 and spaces will be first come first serve but no later then April 6th.
    • In addition, you may drive separate choosing to meet your child there and sign them out first thing to remain with you during the day. If you choose to do this, you will NOT be considered/allowed to be one of our chaperones and your ticket must be purchased at the gate. I will have a sign out sheet to release your child to your care.
  • My next update will be on March 31st

Have a wonderful Spring Break

Mrs. Troyer

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