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Grade 4

Welcome to our fourth grade school year! This year is going to be positively SUPERB! Throughout this year’s journey, it is my goal to educate and nurture your son or daughter, fostering a love of learning for life and a passion to grow to his or her utmost potential.

TeamworkI hope to ensure that your child thrives in new challenges, develops socially, fosters independence, actively engages in critical-thinking, inquiry, real-world problem-solving, discussion, collaboration, research, presentations through various modes, technology and hands-on activities, goal-setting, and utilizes writing as a means to process and communicate thinking and express creatively.

book-with-starsFourth grade is a year where you will also notice your child become a more critical reader, developed writer, and refined thinker. They will impress you with their skill and descriptive thought, achieving goals thought once to be unobtainable. I want to ensure that your child reaches his/her full potential and continues to stay challenged throughout the year. Great leaps toward success will require more independence and rigor from your child. 


I am ecstatic for “OUR” fourth grade year to begin and I plan to make it noteworthy. In order to facilitate this goal, it is essential that all of us work together and value the importance of being responsible, considerate, and well-prepared global citizens.

parent_teacher_partnershipParents and guardians, I hope to meet you soon to review your child’s educational goals for the 2018-2019 school year. I am available to answer any questions or concerns. Please contact me via email, phone, or planner if you have any questions or concerns. My door is always open.

Thank you for your help and support,

Mrs. Thomas [email protected] (904)547-8400