Study Island

study island 

Our school has purchased a subscription to a research-based standards mastery program called Study Island. During our subscription, your child can access Study Island free of charge anywhere that Internet access is available. Study Island has site-wide security features in place to provide greater peace of mind.

Using Study Island from Home

Study Island is completely Web-based, which allows students to access the program from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard Web browser. Study session results are automatically recorded for teacher review, including results from sessions completed outside of school. 

The program is divided into sections based on subject (math, reading, etc.). Each section is made up of 15 to 30 topics, with each topic containing about 20 to 30 questions. Topics are accompanied by a lesson, which contains a brief overview of the material covered in that topic.

Follow the instructions below to use the program:

  1. Go to or click on the icon above.
  2. Enter your username and password at the upper left side of the screen, and click “Submit.”  Students will receive a username and password from their school.
  3. Click on student’s class.
  4. Choose an assignment.
  5. To pass a topic, you must meet the passing requirements, which are based on a minimum number of questions answered (usually 10) and a minimum percentage correct (around 70%). A blue ribbon icon () is displayed next to all passed topics.

 To Access Reports:

Select a subject under Reports on the left-hand side of the screen to access your reports.