PS Calendar

Our generic Calendar for this class is as follows: (Once our schedule gets regular into Q1 you will notice…) we start a new unit on Mon of the first week, ending on the Friday of the 2nd week. Most units will take 10 days. There are a few units that do not…such as the Thermal Energy Unit, States of Matter Unit and the Atom Unit. The Intro to Science Unit is 3 weeks long w/a variety of Concept Quizzes.

When we start a new unit…

Day 1 – Hand out Unit Scales (Learning Goals), Hand out Unit Test Review and Cornell Notes/Vocab are due. Vocab Worksheet is handed out and worked on; due on Day 2. Review is due Day 8. Vocab Quiz on Day 5. Concept Test on Day 9. Math Test on Day 10.

Day 2 – Review Vocab. Go over Vocab Wksht. Introduce Math. Hand out Math Practice Worksheet and work on. Due Day 3.

Day 3 – Review Vocab. Go over Math Wksht. Hand out more difficult Math Practice Worksheet and work on. Due Day 4.

Day 4 – Review Vocab. Go over 2nd Math Wksht. Introduce 1st Concept. Hand out Ist content Practice Worksheet and work on. Due Day 5.

Day 5- Review Vocab. Take Vocab Quiz. Go over Ist Concept Wksht. Introduce 2nd Concept. Hand out 2nd Concept Worksheet and work on. Due Day 6.

Day 6- Review Vocab/Content concepts. Go over 2nd Concept Wksht. Introduce 3rd Concept. Hand out 3rd Concept  Worksheet and work on. Due Day 7.

Day 7 – Review Vocab/1st and 2nd Concepts. Go over 3rd Concept Wksht. Review Math and Concepts.. Give time to work on Review handed out on Day 1. Due Day 8. Hand out a Math Review; due tomorrow.

Day 8 – Review Vocab/all Concepts. Go over Review Wksht and Math Review. I make more practice for concepts available.

Day 9 РReview any last minute questions prior to the Content Test. Take Content Test.  Provide more Math Review.

Day 10 – Student brings textbook so that student can begin working on the Cornell Notes/Vocab for the next unit. Review any last minute math questions prior to Math Test. Take Math Test. Begin working on Cornell Notes/Vocab for the next unit; Due the next class (Day 1).