ES Calendar

Our generic Calendar for this class is as follows: (Once our schedule gets regular into Q1 you will notice…) we start a new unit on Mon of the first week, ending on the Friday of the 2nd week. Most units will take 10 days. There are a few units that do not…such as the Ocean Properties Unit, EMS Unit and the Atmosphere Unit. The Intro to Science Unit is 3 weeks long w/a variety of Concept Quizzes.

When we start a new unit…

Day 1 – Hand out Unit Scales (Learning Goals), Read the Unit and the Unit Vocab are due. Vocab Worksheet is handed out and worked on; due on Day 2.  Vocab Quiz on Day 5. Unit Concept Test on Day 10.

Day 2 – Review Vocab. Go over Vocab Wksht. Introduce Unit Notes. Take notes for unit. No homework!

Day 3 – Review Vocab. Introduce 1st Concept. Hand out 1st Concept Worksheet and work on. Due Day 4.

Day 4 – Review Vocab. Go over 1st Concept Wksht. Introduce 2nd Concept. Hand out 2nd Concept  Worksheet and work on. Due Day 5.

Day 5- Review Vocab. Take Vocab Quiz. Go over 2nd Concept Wksht. Introduce 3rd Concept. Hand out 3rd Concept  Worksheet and work on. Due Day 6.

Day 6- Review Vocab/Content concepts 1-2. Go over 3rd Concept Wksht. Introduce 4th Concept. Hand out 4th Concept  Worksheet and work on. Due Day 7.

Day 7 – Review Vocab/3rd and 4th Concepts. Go over 4th Concept Wksht. Review all Concepts. Hand out Review Worksheet and give time to work on Review. Due Day 8.

Day 8 – Review Vocab/all Concepts. Go over Review Wksht. I make more practice for concepts available.

Day 9 – Play Review game and answer any last minute questions.

Day 10 – Student brings textbook so that student can begin working on the Vocab for the next unit. Review any last minute questions prior to the Content Test. Take Content Test.  Provide more Review. After test begin working on Vocab for the next unit; Due the next class (Day 1).