Earth Science

Welcome to Ms Talbot’s Earth Science course.

Please be sure to check this website regularly for weekly updates of files. At the beginning of every quarter there will be a quarter course calendar uploaded. This will sometimes change based on additional time that might be needed. Please use it to help with your time management of assignment due dates, studying for tests and completion of projects with other course assignments. Below is the course syllabus to refer to often concerning what is expected for this class.

Earth & Space Science Course Syllabus   2016-17                       Instructor: Ms Christina Talbot

Email: [email protected]                                                               Classroom: H-123

Office hours: during pre-designated Power Hours      Website: Ms Christina Talbot, via school website

Text: Earth Science: by Glencoe.

Materials: Blue/ black ink, pencils, highlighters, 3-ring binder (minimum 3” or 2- 1 ½”), 20+ dividers, notebook paper, graph paper, scientific calculator(like a TI-30).

Grades:     Overall course grade: based on percentages not total points and are as follows:

70% – Tests, Summative Labs, Projects    30% – Formative Labs, Quizzes, Homework, Notebook

Grading Scale:    A=100-90        B= 89-80         C= 79-70        D= 69-60         F=Below 60

District written Semester Exams are worth 10% of each Semester Average.

 Tests: Tests will cover material given in class or assigned as homework.  CHEATING WILL RESULT IN A ZERO!  There is no talking during tests or quizzes. Talking will be seen as cheating.  If you miss the review for the test, it is your responsibility to obtain the answers from myself or a classmate.  If you are absent prior to the day of the test you will still take the test on the assigned day.  Test retakes can be done to a maximum of 70%.

Homework:  Homework is assigned multiple times a week, as this is a flipped classroom. The videos or reading will be posted on my website. If an extended absence is expected please contact me for the in class assignments.  All due dates are posted in class on the whiteboard.

 Notebooks: Each student is expected to have a 3-ring binder solely for Physical Science. You must set- up your notebook with the dividers for each unit. The syllabus and safety contract must be kept in the front at all times.  Notebook checks will be done monthly during the 1st semester. No work will be accepted after the 1st week of school unless in a dedicated 3-ring binder.

Make-up policy:  Tests are to be made up within one week, at the end of the week the grade will be recorded as a zero.  Homework will be accepted one day late for 50% credit.  Homework will not be accepted after the second day.  Quizzes and Labs are to be made up during power hours within 2 days of an absence. Activity Buses are available after school Tuesdays and Thursdays, so some make-up may be completed then at the teacher’s discretion only. Power hour is being set-up partly for this purpose.

 Study assistance:  Students may make arrangements to come in during designated Power Hours for help with classwork.  Students must let me know prior to Power Hour time whether they are planning on coming for help during a designated period.

Discipline:  All rules as stated in the Student Code of Conduct and by the administration will be strictly enforced.  Students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, school property, and all faculty and staff members.  The safety rules and procedures will be in effect at all times to provide a safe learning environment.  Tardiness and disruption of class will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately and according to the policies of Nease High School and the Student Code of Conduct.

Laboratory: Lab work is essential to understanding physical science. If you are absent during a lab day, you will be given data from the teacher and expected to complete the same lab report as your classmates. DO NOT copy your friend’s data you will receive a zero for plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with me for missed lab work during designated Power Hours. Lab write ups will be covered in class. Safety is top priority while participating in labs.  If inappropriate behavior occurs during labs you will receive a zero on the lab, a call will be made home and depending on the severity you will receive a referral to the dean. You cannot make-up this zero.  While working in the lab no gum chewing, eating, or drinking will be permitted.

NO phones, electronic listening or game devices, food, gum, hats or soda will be allowed in the classroom.  Cell phones must be turned off and out of view, or they will be taken. Occasionally, access to your phone will be allowed, and the notice will be written on the board. The dress code will be enforced at all times.  Water is permitted in a closed bottle.  Absolutely nothing allowed during labs!

Initial permission to watch PG-13 videos, documentaries, media clip that are content based. _____Yes  ______No

Students can print this and students sign w/ Parent

Please feel free to contact the teacher during the year.  Parents, it is best to contact the teacher via e-mail.