Classroom Procedures and Expectations

I am so excited for the start of the 2019-2020 school year at Hartley! Here is some information you will need to know for a successful 5th grade year!


  • I ask that you keep in mind the golden rule. (treat others as you would wish to be treated)
  • Remember to use your manors please and thank you.
  • Always treat your teachers and other adults with respect.
  • We are a classroom family and as such there will not be any bullying (we want a fun, safe, and friendly environment in which to learn.


  • On all assignments your first name, date, and number are required. (I will show you where they go and we will practice this)
    • There will be periodic binder checks. Please refer to your binder organization sheet.
    • Every Friday we will have a binder clean out. It is your responsibility to keep track of your assignments and place books and binders properly in your desk.
    • During centers, independent reading, or other activities taking place on the ground make sure to clean up after you are finished. 

Morning Work

  • Every morning you will come in quietly, write your homework in your planner, and begin your math morning work. If you finish early you may read an AR book or take an AR test.


  • Homework is assigned in math and reading each night. An essential part of students’ homework is to read 25 minutes a night. Reading homework will also include a weekly story, which is assigned on a Monday and  due on Thursday. Parents are encouraged to read and help students with weekly stories as these are practice for the weekly reading comprehension test on Fridays. Some nights you will be assigned study guides or to study for a quiz or test. We aim to keep homework 50 minutes or less to provide students with plenty of free time at home.


  • I expect you to model proper hallway behavior for the younger students at Hartley.  This includes walking in a single file line without talking and stopping at the designated wait areas.


  • Please treat the art, music, and P.E. teachers with respect. The same rules apply in these classes. They may take away recess minutes if necessary or give reflection sheets.


  • Lunch is a great time for you to unwind and talk with friends. The lunch staff and maintenance workers try very hard to keep the lunch room clean and safe. There will be no playing with food, getting up from the table without asking permission, sharing food, or shouting.


  • I love recess and I know you do as well! It is a great time for you to play and socialize with your peers in an active way. Students should follow all recess rules in order to keep recess time safe and fun!! Recess rules include keep hands and feet to yourself and use kind words. Students not following these rules will be asked to sit out.
  • We do not enjoy taking recess time away. However, if you are not completing homework or misbehaving you will be missing portions of your recess time to complete the assignment or reflect on your behavior. If there is a serious behavior we need to address a reflection sheet will be assigned stating which character counts pillar you broke, what you should have done, and what you will do in the future to avoid the problem. In most cases these will be taken home and signed by a parent.

I have high expectations for you during your fifth grade year and I have 100% confidence that you will meet and exceed these expectations!! I know you can do it!


Mrs. Mergel and Mrs. Hudson