Weekend Work Reminders November 20, 2015

Weekend Work Reminders for 11/20/2015

English II Honors

This weekend, you need to complete the worksheet for “Persuading a Parent (or Guardian) utilizing the 3 Appeals of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.” The worksheet — not the actual written essay — is due on Monday, 11/23.

The only other work you have currently is to read Elie Wiesel’s Night by Monday, 11/30 (the day after Thanksgiving break). You will have a reading check quiz on that day.

Remember that I already gave you next week’s calendar on the back of this week’s calendar — We will be looking at background for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and then reading the letter Monday through Wednesday


AP English Language and Composition

Work on your final Outliers – related project. All work is due into http://www.turnitin.com by Tuesday night, 11/24. I am creating the assignments today, for those of you who want to submit earlier than Tuesday. There will be three different assignments listed — one for the precis entries, one for the dialectical journals, and one for the research — so choose and enter your work for the assignment description that matches your work. Remember that whether you are completing precis entries or dialectical journals you must move beyond summary and include analysis (of rhetorical strategies and techniques). In other words, use the AP Lang terminology you have been learning throughout the course. Yes, label, but also provide the example for any label/term. And, if you can say WHY the strategy and technique is used that is the best! I look forward to reading these; the books’ content material is interesting, and I enjoy seeing any/all — hopefully appropriate/correct — application of the AP Lang terms!  I have not been assigning outside work so that you can focus on these. Please make the corrections that have been noted on both check point 2 and check point 3 written work in order to score the/your highest.  Also remember that you can look back at the earlier posting to Edmodo that included the list of items/feedback I went over in class after the check point 2.  For example, I should see all title punctuation correct and so on! 

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