11/13 Weekend Work Reminders

English II HonorsDUE Monday, 11/17Lord of the Flies Chapter 12ALL Lord of the Flies reading and work should be completed (study guide as well as work for your Literature Circle groups).  Your work will be collected on Monday.

Thursday, 11/19:  Test on Lord of the Flies 

AP English Language and Composition

DUE Monday:  Appositive phrases work (Exercises 1 and 2 can be completed on the worksheet itself; Exercise 4 needs to be completed on your own paper).  Use the reading and examples to guide you, and be ready for a quick quiz:  What is an appositive?  How does it function?  What are the ways to punctuate it?

ON Tuesday, 11/17:  Vocabulary Unit 2 QUIZ
DUE Tuesday, 11/17:  Project Check #2 (Your “best” precis or dialectical journal entry beyond the first one I already read and which shows deeper progress into the reading.  Final is 11/24 so aim to be at least 1/2 finished for this 11/17 check.  For research, I expect several sources/notes from sources, which are matching your research questions and showing progress towards the end result.)

DUE Tuesday, 11/24:  Final of Outliers – related Project.  Submit to www.turnitin.com only as all one document.  This is a test/assessment grade; submit it fully and on time.


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