October 30, 2015 Weekend Work Reminders

Weekend Work Reminders:
English II Honors               (Scroll down for AP Lang)
Weekend Work and additional reminders: Complete Chapter 8 reading, study guide, and your role sheet for your group! Do all of this BEFORE class on Monday; it is supposed to be done before you come to class so that you can have a discussion of the book in class in your group. Friday is Chapter 9. Please bring Lord of the Flies to class at least Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; I will update if you need it additional days. We should begin something new on Tuesday/Wednesday as well

AP English Language and Composition:
Weekend work
(due Tuesday): Finish annotating the Post 9-11/Culture article for the required items: In left margin, all analysis items (strategies/structures; techniques; tone shifts); in right margin, all argument items (claims; use of expert opinion; and statements you agree/disagree with). Also mark all definitions of culture provided throughout the piece. Look up Vocab (left margin)/words you do not know. Be ready to share; I could ask anyone about anything, so make sure you do look up those words. For Monday, bring your 5 Steps workbook again; we will be going through the example essays and reviewing additional information. This is an important building block.  What else could you be working on? Studying Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Level F Unit 2words (type into Quizlet or see the link on last week’s calendar); reviewing all previous terminology and tone words. Don’t want to forget what you have taken time to learn! You can begin reading for Outliers project — your book or research (I will post additional information this weekend).

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