October 23, 2015 Weekend Work Reminders

English II Honors:
Your calendar stays the same as you received last week.  This means the reading of Lord of the Flies Chapter 6 is due on Monday and Chapter 7 is due on Friday.  In addition, for Monday, you should have complete the Literature Circle handout for Chapter 6 (4 and 5 should have been completed in class on Friday, but finish those if you need to).

AP English Language and Composition

  • Please complete the Tone worksheet the sub should have provided you on Friday.
  • Have your Outliers project proposal, with parent signature, ready to turn in on Monday’s due date.
  • Have your 5 Steps to a 5 book ready to use this week!
  • FYI:  Postponed from the weekly calendar for next week — (1) the SOAPS chart and (2) the full analysis essay.  We will work on shorter analysis writing first this week.
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