Class Information

Communication is key!  Here are a few ways we will communicate with one another throughout the year.

  1. Student Planner: We will use planners in our class. Please make sure your child has their planner with them each day. Test, quizzes, and events will be recorded here.  Please review your child’s planner each night and sign it.
  2. Tuesday Folders: In your child’s Tuesday folder you will find completed classwork and homework assignments as well as graded quizzes and tests. Please look through your child’s work and sign the stamped tests as well as the sheet attached in the prongs. Return signed tests in your child’s folder and keep other student work at home.
  3. Home Access Center (HAC): Parents and students will have access to the grade book through HAC. Grades are updated weekly (once it is set up, please give me until the 2nd full week of school to have this complete) and students can track their progress through each quarter. If you do not have a HAC user name and password and wish to have one, please contact Lindsey Waggoner.
  4. Class Website: Please visit this website for updates about the class and LPA.
  5. E-mail: I will send you a weekly update via email (think of this as our weekly newsletter) as well as communicate any other important information throughout the week. You are always welcome to email me as well.
  6. Remind: Please sign up for our Remind text alerts. This is a wonderful way for me to send text reminders about upcoming events such as picture day, field trips, and class activities. Text the message @jsicilia to the number 81010 to be added to our class on Remind.
  7. Edmodo: Each student has their own user id and password for Edmodo on the green page in their yellow folder.  Our class code for Edmodo is: 6y9sw2.

Resource and Lunch
– The fourth grade team has lunch from 11:13 – 11:43.  (Wednesdays we eat a few minutes earlier.)

– Our resource time is 10:10 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and NO resource on Wednesdays.  You can check out the class calendar if you want to know what resource is happening.  The schedule is as follows:
Day 1 – PE
Day 2 – Music
Day 3 – Computer
Day 4 – Art
Day 5 – PE
Day 6 – Music
Day 7 – Media
Day 8 – STEM
– We will have teacher-led PE (TLPE) each day (with the exception of the days we have PE as resource) in addition to our recess time. Recess is 20 minutes and TLPE is 30 minutes each day.

If you would like to come onto campus for any reason (including lunch or field trips), please make sure you have an updated volunteer form on file. You can find further information regarding volunteering at the LPA PTO website {HERE}. Keep in mind that it can take several weeks once you apply, so make sure you plan in advance!

If your child has a change of dismissal, we need that information in writing. Please use this form for those changes.

If your child is absent, please use the form found {HERE}, fill out, and return to school with your child on the day he/she returns.

If you have not become a member of PTO, please do so.  PTO has spent endless hours making sure the students, teachers, and parents have everything they need. Show your support by helping our class reach 100% membership! You can find this information {HERE}. I have joined and would love it if your family did as well!

Snack and Water Bottles
Since our lunch time is in the middle of the school day, we will not be having snack time.  However, I encourage every child to come to school with a water bottle each day.  The water bottle must be sweat proof as not to have puddles on the desk from condensation.  As you read above, we will have some type of PE and recess every day.

Cafeteria Visitors
I welcome you to the cafeteria to each lunch with your child. Do it while they still want you…believe me, I have a middle schooler, I know! 🙂 Before arrival, please ensure you are an approved visitor and you have filled out a sibling form if you plan to bring a sibling to lunch.  Please plan to meet us at the cafeteria.  We will say our “hellos!” and “goodbyes!” there.

Snacks/treats are allowed only with permission. Shared treats are not allowed in the cafeteria. We have 22 students in our class, so please make sure there is enough for everyone. Parents may drop off classroom treats at the front desk only. Per school rules, parents may not attend classroom birthday celebrations. If party invitations are handed out at school, every student in the class must receive one. Only pre-packaged store bought treats with food ingredient labels are approved. No homemade items permitted.

2018-2019 Sunshine State Books
The 2018-2019 Sunshine State Book list is {HERE}.

Dress Code
Please be sure to review our school’s dress code policy (page 8) {HERE}. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Paying By Check
Starting for the 2018-2019 school year, anytime you send a check into school, it must have 2 phone numbers on the check.  Please add these before sending in.  Thank you in advance.