Classroom Management, Rules, and Consequences

Mr. Sherman’s Classroom Management

•   My classroom follows the cooperative learning model. In a cooperative learning environment students are taught as a whole group and then have the opportunity work with partners or team members to reinforce their lesson.

•   Many classroom behavior issues are addressed at each group/team by the group members. Each team is working towards earning points. As soon as our class earns 200 points, the class earns a ten minute extra recess.

•  As a team, they are responsible for solving their own problems, asking team questions, helping each other, and using inside voices

• As individuals, they are responsible for trying, asking for help from their teammates, offering help to teammates, being polite, and giving “put-ups” not “put downs.

Class Rules

• No calling out

•  No interrupting

•  No using outside voices

• Following directions

Class Consequences

• Warning

• Name on the board

• Name with a number (two laps around the soccer field during recess.)

• Name with three numbers (The student will write a letter to their parents listing the rules that have been broken and walk five laps during recess.)