I.T.S. Troupe 4641

TROUPE 4641  !!



ITS members that signed up and paid for the State Festival:

I got an email today (4-20) regarding refunds. We are still waiting for the Hilton Inn to get back to us, although they said they’d pay our rooms back in full. Keep in mind, the school cannot refund if we don’t receive it from the hotel or Florida state thespians. Here is the email, David Allen Thomas (Chair for District 2 ) sent out today:


Good afternoon Troupe Directors,

I wanted to share with you the latest information.  I just ended a 2 hour Zoom meeting with the state board.  Lindsay Warfield should be sending out an official letter soon and Randal Adkison should have financial information forthcoming in the next day or so.  (I will forward those to you if you do not receive those directly.)


Outcomes from this meeting:
1) We had a agenda point to bring Jr. Thespians into the language of our bylaws.

2) The main issue was about how to stay financially solvent and deal with refunds from this festival:

A financial committee was recently formed from the state board.  After review, the proposals that passed after much discussion:

The fees for scholarships and day passes are already being fully refunded (that was already decided in our last meeting).

New: Despite the clause that states “No refunds,” the organization has decided to refund up to the full amount possible (based on what has already been purchased, such as T-shirts being delivered to your schools, and The Tampa Police Retainer – which as non-refundable – among others.)  

Each participant/attendee will receive a total of $110.00 (which is the total refundable amount) by the end of December 2020; this will be paid in two installments:

1) What the organization can afford now: $47 by the end of June, 2020

2) The remainder of the $110 ($63) by the year’s end.

Those will be returned to the schools to then be cut to those that paid to attend the 2020 festival.

I will keep you posted as I get information. I am requesting to go into school tomorrow to get the master list and the checks that weren’t deposited. That way, I can figure out every participant’s refund.

-Bradley Jay Segal