Hello Cast and Crew of My Fair Lady,

I hope this notification finds you and your families safe and healthy.

It is with a heavy heart that I am cancelling our show. We will not be able to perform it before the end of the school year, nor be able to rehearse for it with the size of our cast.  Music Theatre International has approved a refund/credit and I have already cancelled the backdrop and music. You will need to get the Librettos back to me and I will let you know how to do that once I get instructions from administration this next week.

I want to thank the cast for their dedication and hard work for this project. Your efforts have not gone unappreciated. You have done really well for this difficult musical, and I would definiteily list the show on your resumes/bios for future auditions.

Take care, and I hope I get to see all of you soon (and healthy!)

All my love,

“Drama Daddy”
Bradley Jay Segal