All Nease Drama Students past and present:

With all of my medical issues & the Covid19 pandemic I have decided to retire. I have enjoyed a 28 year career and was eligible to retire 4 years ago, but determination to make Nease theatre successful and building the program was a great challenge. Great kids and finally a working stage (the faux-bathroom has been removed!!!Yay!) has completed the task. I wish you all luck and success in the future, and should you be going to any of the area’s theatres when they open again, don’t be surprised if you see me on stage!

I.T.S. state members: We have received partial payment for I.T.S. state fees and the bookkeeper will start on refunds from that shortly. This next year will be ALL virtual, both districts and state.

Good luck to everybody and my love to all.

Bradley Jay Segal