Pumpkin Jack

We have been celebrating all things PUMPKIN in class this week. In reading, students have been learning about the pumpkin life cycle through 2 amazing read alouds. Pumpkin Circle is filled with beautiful photos of a growing pumpkin patch, from seed to a garden full of twisty vines. Pumpkin Jack tells the story of a boy named Tim who carved a fierce, funny, and perfect pumpkin that he named Jack. When Jack begins to rot, Tim places him in the garden. Tim watches him decay into nothing but a few seeds that eventually sprout and grow into a wonderful vine. And so the circle continues… 

After reading these books, we decided to create our very own Pumpkin Jack. The class helped scoop out the seeds and now we are making daily observations of Jack to see how he changes over time.

We have absolutely loved our study of pumpkins. Even I have gotten into the spirit of things by sipping a few of my fall favorites…Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Here is a link to some photos from our week of Pumpkin Perfection!



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