Blazing Trails in Science

Science is certainly fun in 3rd grade! Students spent the first few weeks of the school year learning all about what scientists do. We learned that scientists need to be excellent observers, have curious minds, and must be willing to put their thinking to the test. The class learned all about the process of the Scientific Method with some really fun experiments, including building marshmallow towers and creating lemon suds.

In addition, students have been learning that math, science and reading often go hand in hand. Scientists need to sharpen their mathematics mind in order to measure and use scientific tools correctly. Reading procedures and non-fiction text will help scientists gather information to make their experiments even better!

After learning about what scientist do and how to conduct experiments, we began studying plants. Thanks to Mr. Schroeder, students were able to start a vegetable garden in our own backyard! I can’t wait to see (and taste) the fruits of our labor in the coming weeks!

Check out the photos on the link below for a glimpse into our Super Scientific start to 3rd grade!

Super Science Photo Gallery

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