Blubber Blast

Students continue to be immersed in animal habitats…in particular, the Polar Regions. Students have begun researching polar animals and are learning about what helps animals survive in these harsh, frigid environments.

One way animals survive the icy Arctic & Antarctic regions is by an adaptation known as blubber. This thick layer of fat under the skin of many polar animals acts as insulation from the cold. In order to feel the effects of blubber, students were asked to put their bare hand in a bucket of ice water. They realized rather quickly that they DID NOT want to keep their hand in that ice water!!! Then, their hand was placed into a “blubber glove” and were asked to write about the difference. The blubber glove was a ziploc bag filled with Crisco. They placed their hands into another ziploc bag and squished the blubber to cover their hand. They plunged the blubber-gloved hand back into the icy water. What a difference the blubber made!!! Most were asking to keep their hands in the water since it felt warm to them.

Click on the link below for photos from our Blubber Glove Experiment!

Blubber Experiment

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