What a Bunch of Bird Brains!!!

Students are having a blast learning about the animal world. Yesterday, they each became a part of the Arctic food chain. They discovered how difficult it is for smaller animals to survive in the wild. Out of all the fish and seals that we began with, only 1 seal survived the hungry polar bears!

Today, students began learning about animal adaptations that help then survive in their habitats. We read a book about many different kinds of bird beaks and how each beak helps the birds gather the food they need to survive. We used tweezers, spoons, toothpicks and clothespins to act like different kinds of beaks. They learned very quickly that more food could be gathered with certain types of beaks. Check out pictures from our Bird Beak Experiment by clicking the link below.

These young scientists are learning so much from these hands-on experiences! I can’t wait to see what they learn next!!!

Bird Beak Experiment Photo Album

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