Fire Station Fun

October is Fire Safety Month. Last week we had a visit from our Fire Station 16 friends. The class loved learning about how to stay safe if there was a fire in their houses. They were able to climb out the window of the trailer and explore a fire truck. Click here for photos from this fun day!

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Pumpkin Jack

We have been celebrating all things PUMPKIN in class this week. In reading, students have been learning about the pumpkin life cycle through 2 amazing read alouds. Pumpkin Circle is filled with beautiful photos of a growing pumpkin patch, from seed to a garden full of twisty vines. Pumpkin Jack tells the story of a boy named Tim who carved a fierce, funny, and perfect pumpkin that he named Jack. When Jack begins to rot, Tim places him in the garden. Tim watches him decay into nothing but a few seeds that eventually sprout and grow into a wonderful vine. And so the circle continues… 

After reading these books, we decided to create our very own Pumpkin Jack. The class helped scoop out the seeds and now we are making daily observations of Jack to see how he changes over time.

We have absolutely loved our study of pumpkins. Even I have gotten into the spirit of things by sipping a few of my fall favorites…Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Here is a link to some photos from our week of Pumpkin Perfection!


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Schroeder’s Safari Starts!

August 10th was an amazing day…full of excitement, maybe a few nerves, and complete joy! August 10th was FIRST day of our FIRST grade adventures as the FIRST classes of Picolata Crossing Pumas came through our doors!

We spent that first day, and the 6 days since, getting to know each other and adjusting to our new surroundings. For those who haven’t seen our school yet, please make a point to stop in at one of our many upcoming events. Words and pictures just can’t explain how blessed we are with such a beautiful campus!

One of the things we have focused on in these first days is CHARACTER. We have read several books, such as The Recess Queen, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, What if Everybody Did That, and others, that launched discussions about what great character traits we should show every day! We also worked on building our own character to show PERSEVERANCE through struggles. Be sure to ask your child how we worked together to “Save Sam”!

I can’t wait to see what these next 173 days of our Safari Through First Grade have in store for us!

Check out our latest Schroeder’s Scoop by following this link! newsletter august 21

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Preparing for Pumas

Most think teachers spend the entire summer lying on a beach and taking vacation after vacation. While that is usually true, what you may not realize is that teachers also spend the summer preparing for the upcoming school year.

This August will be exceptionally special as I get to embark on the new adventure that is Picolata Crossing Elementary School. While the school is still under construction, I have been working on ideas to make this year’s classroom my best adventure yet!

Pretty soon, the construction will be finished and we will be ready for all the Picolata Pumas crossing our paths. Until then…enjoy your summer!

Looking forward to all the Pumas ready to cross my path!

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Blazing Trails in Science

Science is certainly fun in 3rd grade! Students spent the first few weeks of the school year learning all about what scientists do. We learned that scientists need to be excellent observers, have curious minds, and must be willing to put their thinking to the test. The class learned all about the process of the Scientific Method with some really fun experiments, including building marshmallow towers and creating lemon suds.

In addition, students have been learning that math, science and reading often go hand in hand. Scientists need to sharpen their mathematics mind in order to measure and use scientific tools correctly. Reading procedures and non-fiction text will help scientists gather information to make their experiments even better!

After learning about what scientist do and how to conduct experiments, we began studying plants. Thanks to Mr. Schroeder, students were able to start a vegetable garden in our own backyard! I can’t wait to see (and taste) the fruits of our labor in the coming weeks!

Check out the photos on the link below for a glimpse into our Super Scientific start to 3rd grade!

Super Science Photo Gallery

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March Madness!

Proud of our Polar Region Research

Proud of our Polar Region Research

March certainly came in like a lion…Well, more like a cheetah! Students had so much fun galloping around the track and helped earn our school a lot of money in the process. Our annual Mustang Gallop was a huge success. Thanks to all the parents who donated time and money to this annual fundraiser. Students earned a lot of bracelets while running around the track with their 2nd grade friends. Click on the Mustangs on the Run link below for a photo gallery of the day’s event!

Mustangs on the Run

Before we head into Spring Break, we had to show off our writing and room. Students have been working so very hard to learn to write non-fiction reports. They each chose an animal from the Polar regions to research and write about. The reports are AMAZING! They also created dioramas to show the habitat of their animals. These dioramas, as well as the group projects and art projects they worked on in class, served to turn Room 201 into a replica of the Polar lands. We even had an igloo delivered to our room! My only complaint was that I couldn’t get our room as cold as the South Pole!!!

Each 2nd grade classroom chose a different habitat to research. Today, we spent time traveling to each of the other habitats. Boy, do we have some creative and talented 2nd graders here at Mill Creek! Check out the Habitat Fun link below to see some of the fun!

Habitat Fun


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Blubber Blast

Students continue to be immersed in animal habitats…in particular, the Polar Regions. Students have begun researching polar animals and are learning about what helps animals survive in these harsh, frigid environments.

One way animals survive the icy Arctic & Antarctic regions is by an adaptation known as blubber. This thick layer of fat under the skin of many polar animals acts as insulation from the cold. In order to feel the effects of blubber, students were asked to put their bare hand in a bucket of ice water. They realized rather quickly that they DID NOT want to keep their hand in that ice water!!! Then, their hand was placed into a “blubber glove” and were asked to write about the difference. The blubber glove was a ziploc bag filled with Crisco. They placed their hands into another ziploc bag and squished the blubber to cover their hand. They plunged the blubber-gloved hand back into the icy water. What a difference the blubber made!!! Most were asking to keep their hands in the water since it felt warm to them.

Click on the link below for photos from our Blubber Glove Experiment!

Blubber Experiment

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What a Bunch of Bird Brains!!!

Students are having a blast learning about the animal world. Yesterday, they each became a part of the Arctic food chain. They discovered how difficult it is for smaller animals to survive in the wild. Out of all the fish and seals that we began with, only 1 seal survived the hungry polar bears!

Today, students began learning about animal adaptations that help then survive in their habitats. We read a book about many different kinds of bird beaks and how each beak helps the birds gather the food they need to survive. We used tweezers, spoons, toothpicks and clothespins to act like different kinds of beaks. They learned very quickly that more food could be gathered with certain types of beaks. Check out pictures from our Bird Beak Experiment by clicking the link below.

These young scientists are learning so much from these hands-on experiences! I can’t wait to see what they learn next!!!

Bird Beak Experiment Photo Album

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February Fun

Students Bringing History to Life!

Students Bringing History to Life!

Wow! What a day we have had!!! We began the day bringing history to life in our annual Living Museum. This day is always a memorable one for students, family and friends. I am in awe of the amazing job students did researching, writing and becoming a Famous American who made an impact on the history of both our country and the world. Students prepared speeches, made posters, and dressed up as their Famous American. It is always my hope that they lock this day into their memory just as I always do!

We followed up our Living Museum with a Valentine’s Day celebration. The students were able to unwind with some friendly competition in Minute to Win It games. They stacked conversation hearts and cups. They shot “Cupid’s Arrow” (rubber bands) to knock down cup pyramids. They raced to cover a teammate with “love” by sticking hearts all over them. The most entertaining for observers and students alike was probably when students attempted to move a cookie from his/her forehead to their mouths without using hands!

You know I simply had to capture all these precious moments in photographs!!! Please click the link below for today’s photo album.

February Fun Photos


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Exploring the Estuary

We are very fortunate to live where we are surrounded by both amazing history and nature! Yesterday our students had the opportunity to explore the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, or Guana for short! They were able to observe and explore the amazing habitat and learn so much while doing so! I am a firm believer that students who are able to get hands-on while learning are able to keep the learning and memories attached locked inside forever.

For a glimpse into our field study adventure, click the link below. I created a photo album to share for those parents who were unable to join us! Enjoy!

Guana Field Trip


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