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Fabulous Fifth Grade Teachers!
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Mrs. Basili Mrs. Basili’s Class Website
Mr. Cacchio Mr. Cacchio’s Class Website
Mrs. Cleary Mrs. Cleary’s Class Website
Ms. Murden Ms. Murden’s Class Website
Ms. Streit Ms. Streit’s Class Website

         Pay online for Whitney Lab, Kennedy Space Center


Sea World


surfingSurf these awesome sites!surfing

Summer Marin Science Program for upcoming 6th – 8th Graders

Marine Science Program


Math Help: Videos & Practice from Your Fabulous Teachers
Miscellaneous Websites
FCAT Explorer Kid Friendly Search Discovery Assessment
Brain Pop Puzzlemaker Math Textbook
Nettrekker Florida Achieves R. B. Hunt Media Center
Wonka Building Cubes  


lang-artsReading and Language Arts Websites surfing
Accelerated Reader AR Book Finder AR Home Connect
Tumble Books Wordle Storyline Books
Wordly Wise 3000 Spelling Bee Fever Sunlink Library
Easy Bibliography Free Rice Vocabulary Word Dynamo
Grammar Tweentribune ReadWorks 


globSocial Studies Websites glob

What’s My Line?

European Explorers

Presidential Powers Explorers of North and Central America
How Stuff Works European Explorers  http://www.mce.k12tn.net/explorers/explorers_start.htm
Kids Democracy Electing a President Cast Your Vote
Kid Information N.A. American Revolution Black History Scholastic
Lewis and Clark Native Languages Nettrekker Explorers
Native Cultures 1846 Diaries and Letters Oregon Trail
Westward Expansion

Native North American Culture


Pioneer’s Journey to the Frontier
AAA States States and Capitals Do You Know Your States?
Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride Virtual Museum American Revolution Declaration of Independence WebQuest 
Dr. MLK, Jr.
Thanksgiving Scholastic
Thirteen Colonies Webquest
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
National Geographic Geospy
My World Social Studies Textbook



7282011_75701_0Math Websites7282011_75701_0
New Florida Standards Math Help National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Shape Sorter

AAA Math Math Fact Cafe Math Magician
Cool Math 4 Kids Figure This Math Challenge Fun Brain Math
Timez Attack
password: math
FCAT Tutorial  Arcademic Practice



scienceScience Websites science
Vote 4 Bird Biomes Biomes of the World
Ecosystems S.F. Science Activities Science Skills

Science Fair Links:

Rock Cycle

Florida Natural Resources

Weather and Climate Discussion

How’s the Weather?


Science Fair Projects

What’s the Matter in the Galaxy? 

 Journey of the Solar System

How Do We Do Science?

Science  Links: 

Planet Tutorial

Plant Tutorial

Simple Machines

Forces and Motion

Forms of Energy

Managed Species

Your Heart is Amazing

Science Fair Links:

Science Buddies

Science Fair Fifth Grade

Florida Endangered Species

Amazing Animal Adaptations Tutorial

Comparing Plants and Animals

Zip Code Zoo Food Chains and Webs Food Webs
Eukaryotic Cell Plant and Animal Cells Plant and Animal Cell Diagrams
Chem4kid Chemical Elements Eco Kids
BBC Living Things Decomposers MSB Ecosystems
Planet Pals Moon Phases Video Earthquakes
Whales More on Whales Whale Parts
Ocean Sounds Kids Astronomy More on Plant and Animal Cells

National Geography


NOAA Fisheries
National Geographic Textbook
Defenders of Wildlife
Red Tailed Hawks Live
Solar System Exploration Solar System NASA
Journey of the Solar System

 FCAT Science Review Games 3rd Grade

3rd GradeLifeScience Millionare Game

3rd GradeEarthSciencecash cab

FCAT Science Review Games

Millionaire is spelled wrong below due to the link provided. 🙂

5th Grade Nature of Science review 2 Cash Cab_2

5th Grade Nature of science review 1 Cash Cab_3

5th Grade Earth Science review 1 Millionare Game_2

5th Grade Properties of Matter review 1 Cash Cab_2

5th Grade Properties of Matter review 2 Millionare Game_2


FCAT Science Review Games 4th Grade

4th Grade Life Science Millionare Game

4th Grade Forms of Energy, Energy Transfer and Transformation, Motion of Objects Millionaire

4th Grade Earth Space and Time 1 Cash Cab