Saint Johns County Schools mission is to provide the most appropriate education for our gifted students. Programs are designed to provide appropriate challenge and optimal social-emotional interactions and growth. Services for students identified as gifted are available at all elementary, middle and high schools.

Students who are gifted have learning needs that go beyond what is traditionally offered in the regular classroom. The nature of their abilities, demonstrated or latent requires differentiated learning experiences and opportunities for them to maximize their potential. Teachers develop the depth and quality of their students’ experiences while adjusting the pace to meet individual needs. This can be accomplished by offering opportunities for students to:

-Pursue topics of study in greater depth or to a greater level of cognitive challenge -Tackle a wider range of authentic and complex academic tasks that require doing real world work -Advance through activities at a faster pace -Develop a sense of self and the possibilities that the work has to offer* *Florida’s Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners

Gifted Service Delivery Models K-12

Services at all levels of the gifted program are designed to provide opportunities to:

-Interact with intellectual peers

-Interact with other gifted students who share the same learning need

-Learn and practice being a leader as well as a follower

-Engage in divergent, creative, critical, and higher level thinking

-Develop social as well as academic skills

Elementary Programs

-Each school’s program will vary according to the needs of its students.

Kindergarten and 1st grade: -These classes may be in the form of an enrichment resource class or in a blended classroom setting.

2nd through 5th grades: -These classes are usually provided through the gifted blended model. These classes are taught by gifted endorsed teachers. Classes are blended with other students to achieve state mandated class size requirements.

There are gifted programs at every Elementary School.

Middle School Gifted Program

Middle school gifted classes are provided at each middle school following the gifted blended model. Subject areas offered for the classes vary by school. These classes are taught by gifted endorsed teachers. Classes are blended with other students to achieve state mandated class size requirements. There are gifted programs at every Middle School.

K-8 Schools

Our K-8 schools offer similar elementary and middle school offerings as their counterparts.

Continuum of Services K-8

All students have the option of gifted consultation services instead of resource or academic classes. Consultation services consist of a gifted endorsed teacher consulting with the students’ general education teacher(s) to ensure that appropriate challenge is being provided in the general education classroom.

High Schools

-High School gifted services are designed to support students in setting and pursuing personal, academic and career goals. These services will assist students in developing the understanding and skills necessary to successfully lead or participate in groups as they set and achieve personal and individual/group goals.

-Options offered may include but are not limited to Gifted Consultative services, advanced academic programs, dual enrollment, academies, creative opportunities, and extra-curricular activities.

-In the Consultative Service Delivery Model, teachers of the gifted and general education teachers ensure that the gifted student succeeds in accomplishing their gifted goals as outlined in their Educational Plan (EP) while taking classes in their chosen educational program. The Gifted Consultative program is offered at every high school.

Please direct questions to:

Sherri-Lee Heath, Gifted Program Specialist

[email protected]