S.T.E.M. Fair

S.T.E.M. Fair

All 4th grade students are required to create a S.T.E.M. Fair Project. Students may work with a partner on these projects, but be sure that you can coordinate your schedules!

Students will complete most of the work in class. Messier or more involved projects may need to be completed at home, but the S.T.E.M. Fair packet will primarily be done at school. Trifold boards MUST BE completed at school. Parents may send in paper, photos, stick-on letters, borders, etc. Students may need to conduct some research or finish parts of the packet at home. Any color printing will also need to be done at home. 

The primary goal is to promote innovative use of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real world problems. Projects will help students learn how to set up an experiment using controls and variables, interpret data, recognize the need for repetition and replication and learn how to use appropriate reference materials to support scientific understanding and defend conclusions. While temptingly easy, simply recreating another person’s experiment or project does not meet these goals! Our focus is definitely on the process, not a perfect product!

Projects will require a tri-fold board showing: Connections, Question, Research, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedures and Results. Students may want to take pictures of their projects to include on the board.

The S.T.E.M. Fair will be on December 5th from 5:30-6:30. Parents can come view all of the projects. Projects should be taken home after the fair. S.T.E.M. Fair due dates are on your child’s packet. 

STEM Fair Packet 2019

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