Raz Kids  is a great way to practice reading skills at home!

Sight Word Practice, Reading and Spelling

Each week, we will be learning new sight words. Often, these words are not words we can “sound out” or decode.  We will be learning many of these words by sight or memory. If you hear your child trying to sound out a sight words please give them a hint that it is a ‘sight word.’ We will also practice the spelling of these words in our writing. You can help your child with learning to read by posting these words (passwords)  by the door of a room and reviewing a word each time you pass.   As more words are learned, play games making sentences, playing Memory and Concentration with the word cards.

 Here are sight words for you to print and use at home! –>


Vocabulary: One way children learn vocabulary words is by listening to adults read to them.  Reading aloud is particularly helpful when the reader pauses during reading to talk about the meaning of unfamiliar words.  It also helps to use those words in conversation later with your child.  Conversations about books help children to learn new words and concepts and relate them to experiences.  Children also learn extensively by reading on their own.  The more children read on their own, the more words they encounter and the more word meanings they learn. At an early age sometimes this is difficult.  However, as they begin to read on higher reading levels keep this in mind.  This is one of the many reasons why reading with your child aloud each night is so important!