Year End Activities

Dear 5Th Grade Families,

Can you believe we are in the final stretch of 5th grade and our time at Palencia Elementary School?! What a fun year it has been!  The teachers, homeroom moms, and some other parent volunteers, are working on some exciting end of year activities for our children and would be very thankful for your contribution and help.

We have the 5th Grade Dance coming up on May 21 at 1:00 and can’t wait to create a super fun party for all the kids.  The theme will be Shoot for the Stars, and we will be serving food, drinks, have a DJ, a photo booth, a candy bar, and lots of fun activities. The kids have been talking about this event for months and is always one of the most anticipated days of the year!

Have you heard about the super competitive kickball games that the kids have been having lately? They are gearing up for their big Kickball Tournament on May 17, with the playoffs taking place on May 22. Sounds like this is going to be crazy competitive and a lot of fun!! We will be providing cold drinks, fruit, and popsicles to fuel the kids through the games.

The last event to close out the school year is Field Day on May 23 at 8:45. Hard to believe it’s the last field day of elementary for our kiddos!


In order to move forward with getting these end of year activities and events planned, we are requesting that each student contribute $10.00. If you are willing and able to contribute more than that, we would be very grateful. Also, if you have a business that would like to sponsor our 5th grade class, please contact Morgan Smith [email protected].  Please send cash into your homeroom teacher, or you can [email protected] by Wednesday May 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, or would like to help with any of the above, please let your homeroom teacher know or contact Morgan Smith [email protected].  Thank you for all of your support! We can’t wait to send our 5th graders off to middle school with wonderful memories of their last month at Palencia Elementary School!


Thank You!

Your Homeroom Teachers

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