Learning in Language Arts

The focus on informational reading and writing standards continues in Language Arts.  We are teaching the students to think about the author’s purpose, text structures, and main ideas of a text, and how those concepts are related.  Understanding this content is one thing, succeeding on a rigorous test of this content is another.  Persistence with rereading and deep thinking about the text is required to do well.   With this comes taking the time to underline specific information in the texts and even making side notes to track thinking. The students took a summative test this week.  Please look for it to come home and review it with them.  We are going to continue on with these goals for another week and take a second summative test next week.  Therefore, all students will have two summative grades for this unit because of the extent and importance of the learning.

Any student who scores below a 70% on the assessments is eligible for grade recovery.  If students scored below a 70% on this first assessment, the second assessment can serve as an opportunity to improve the grade.  We will send home additional practice for them to complete to help them prepare.

If students score below a 70% on the second assessment, then we will provide yet another task to help them improve their score.  Our goal is for all students to master this content.  It is important to note, however, that more than simply understanding the content is required for a test of this level of rigor.  We believe this unit is one of the most challenging reading units in fifth grade.  Thank you for your support and for encouraging your children to work hard!

Please continue to have your child check the planner daily for homework assignments and other responsibilities.

Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Gardner

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