STEM Fair Project Due Dates

All students are required to complete a STEM Fair Project at home.  The primary goal is to promote innovative use of science, technology engineering, and mathematics to solve real world problems.  We will begin on January 7th when the packets will be sent home.

*Projects should not include testing animals or humans and they should not include mold, mildew,or bacteria.*

*Only students chosen to attend the STEM Fair will be required to complete a backboard.

Due Dates

Wednesday, 1/9                               What is your testable question?

Friday, 1/11                                      Research Questions and Research Summaries

Monday, 1/14                                   Hypothesis

Wednesday, 1/16                              Materials and Procedures

Monday, 2/4                                     Observations, Pictures, Data and Graphs

Friday, 2/8                                         Conclusion

I am attaching a digital copy just in case you would like to take a look or need an extra copy.

STEM Fair 2018-2019

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